Hold dig opdateret

Ved at tilmelde dig vores nyhedsbrev kan vi holde dig opdateret med hvad der sker
– så som nye hold og tiltag på værkstedet.

Du kan også følge os her

  • My #peppermill is now completely finished So I hurried up with some photo details from the inside !
#karljohan #peberkværn #indeni #peugeotkværn #sølvsmedearbejde
  • September ! It´s Fall – an a new teaching season starts this monday !
I have been working really hard all summer, both with my own projects and to prepare
the school for the season.
I love to teach and it will be so good to start again
Everything is ready. Even the new edition of BLADGULDET, 
which can be read at my homepage www.gittebjorn.dk
Have a nice weekend !!!
  • Old Tools 😍 Just with soooo much more soul!
#goldsmithtools #toolswithsoul
  • I just discovered that I used an old picture yesterday. 
I am hurrying with a another piece from my exhibition Neither Fish Nor Fowl: 
#Chameleon_fork for cold meat. I also make this chameleon as a olive spoon
  • #Pelican. #Tea-strainer in 925 silver. From my exhibition Neither Fish Nor Fowl !
  • I love Copenhagen 😘 #cphpride
  • Ok. These look very small.. They are lapel pins - Mens jewels. Wine-glasses in whitegold with garnet set as the surface of the wine. See them at Galleri Hoff!
  • It rains again !!!! Parrrty!
The temperatur is down, and I can WORK !!!
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