Kande - Kopi

My work is closely linked to the body. I was trained as a goldsmith making jewellery pieces, but today I primarily work with objects and sculpture.

A profound love of manipulating metal is the common denominator for my work no matter what technique I am using or what theme I am presently researching. To guide my work process I always work towards a solo exhibition with a fixed theme.

Further, I  have a longtime cooperation with architect Lene Jensen, together we have won several projects for redesigning the public sphere. As it is very important for me to maintain control of my artistic work, I took over a well run jewellery school in 2009. Administration is handled by the asscociation Smyk2000, and along with three other goldsmiths and two silversmiths I teach classes there on a regular basis. For more information on the school – www.smyk2000.dk

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Work 2009-2015 Work 2004-2009 Work 1999-2004 Work 1990-1999 


2000            Degree in vocational education and training.
1991-93       Institute of Precious Metals, The Goldsmith Academy, Copenhagen.
1990            Completed apprenticeship as a goldsmith, Denmark.


2007            Working Grant. The Jubilee-foundation of The Danish National Bank.
2007            Working Grant. The Danish Art Foundation.
2006            Smyk 2006, Design competition, 3rd prize, Couples’ jewellery, Denmark
2005            Silversmith Ausa Regitze Tilly’s grant, Denmark.
2004            The solo exhibition “Identity, Resorce and Choices” recognized by The Danish Arts Foundation.
1997            1. prize, The Danish Arts Foundation, Childrens’ Playground, with Lene Jensen and Lisbeth Thorn, Denmark
1996            Silver medal, The Arts and Crafts Award of 1879, Denmark.

Selected exhibitions

2017           18th Silber-Triennale International, Hanau, Germany.
2016            Danske Sølvsmede, Exhibition Group of November 1976. 40th anniversary, Skovhuset, Denmark.
2015            Solo exhibition, Galleri Montan, Copenhagen, Denmark
2015            Solo exhibition, The Museum at Koldinghus, Denmark
2014            Cosy Corner, Mons, Belgium
2013            Cosy Corner, Bastogne, Belgium
2013            Festival of Silver, Goldsmiths’ Centre, London, England
2013            Hammerclub, Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, Trondheim, Norway
2013            Silber-Triennale International, Hanau, Prediger, Solingen, Frankfurt and Munich in Germany and Trondheim in Norway.
2012            Lys over Lolland, Reventlow-Museet Pederstrup, Denmark
2011            Kjøbenhavns Guldsmedelaug, Mons, Belgium.
2011            Archetypes, Sølvsmedegruppen. Kolding Hus, Denmark.
2010            The 8th. Reunion of European Silversmiths, Danish Design Museum.
2009            Neither Fish Nor Fowl, solo exhibition, Kolding Hus, Denmark and solo exhibition Galerie Montan, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2009            Danish Silversmiths. Danish Museum of Art & Design, Denmark.
2008            Collect, V&A, London. England
2007            Sculpturebiennale, Roskilde Art Foundation, Denmark.
2007            Guest exhibitor at Danish Silversmiths. Koldinghus, Denmark.
2007            Biennale ’07, Crafts and Design, Trapholt and Koldinghus, Denmark.
2006            “Danish Jewely 3-2-1”, Gallery Sculpture To Wear, Los Angeles, USA.
2005            Maker, Wearer, Viewer – Contemporary Narrative Jewellery, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh and Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen.
2004-05        Triennale Du Bijou Contemporain
2004            GOLD, JEWELLERY OF EUROPE, France.
2004-05        Ringe i Dialog, 575th Anniversary Exhibition of the Copenhagen Goldsmith Association, The National Museum, Copenhagen.
2004            SOFA Chicago, USA
2004            Nordic Cool: Hot Women Designers, National Museum of Women in The Arts, Washington DC, USA.
2004            Identity, Resource and Choice, solo exhibitions, Galerie Metal, Copenhagen and Galleri Metallum, Stockholm, Sweden.
2003            SOFA, Chicago, USA.
2003            Kilkenny Arts Festival, Ireland.
2003            Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2002            Schmuck 2002, München, Germany and Edinburgh, Scotland.
2001            Itami Jewellery International, Itami, Japan.
2000            Fairytales without Words, solo exhibition, Galleri Metallum, Stockholm, Sweden.
2000            Spring Exhibition, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark.
1999            Medieval Tales – a poem of  Past and Present, solo exhibition. Galerie Susanne Højriis, Copenhagen, Denmark.
1997            Biennale ’97, Crafts and Design, Aalborg Museum of Art, Denmark.
1996            Danish Museum of Art & Design, Copenhagen.
1993            Danish Museum of Art & Design, Copenhagen.


2015            Municipality of Odense, Denmark
2015            The Silver Collection at the Museum of Koldinghus, Denmark
2007            The Silver Collection at the Museum of Koldinghus, Denmark
2006            Municipality of Hvalsø, Denmark
2003            The New Carlsberg Foundation, Denmark
2002            Kunstforeningen af 14. august (Association of Fine Arts of August 14th), Denmark

Special projects

2016            Design of competition piece for “Nordic Gold” for the Nordic competion for jewellers, Denmark.
2011            Skud på Stammen, a joint project involving jewellers, machinists and toolmakers, Copenhagen Technical School, Denmark.
2010            Decorations assignment for Elsinore Children’s Library, Denmark.
2010            Skud på Stammen, a joint project involving jewellers, machinists and toolmakers, Copenhagen Technical School, Denmark.
2006            Bronze sculpture for Municipality of Hvalsø, Denmark.
2005            Design of recreational divers’ area for Amager Strandpark, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2005            External examiner at Institute of Precious Metals, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2004            Identity, Resource and Choice, presentation at SOFA, Chicago, USA.
1998-03       Specialist teacher at the Goldsmith Academy, apprentice program, Copenhagen, Denmark.
1997            Jewellery for the movie Eye of the Eagle, a medieval type production, Metronom, Copenhagen, Denmark.
1997            Accessories for combined metal/leather haute couture show with “Conflicto”, Copenhagen.
1995            Jewellery for “Katarsis: Ødipus”, a performance by Anita Saij. Copenhagen.


2017            18th Silber-Triennale International, Hanau, Germany.
2016            AuClock (September issue), Fagbladet for guld, sølv og urbranchen, Denmark.
2015            AuClock (March+May issue). Fagbladet for guld, sølv og urbranchen, Denmark.
2015            Jyske Vestkysten 28 March (newspaper), “Kroppen er fuld af historier”, Denmark.
2013            Exhibition catalogue. Cosy Corner. Objets d´auteurs objets á vivre, Belgium.
2013            Silber-Triennale International, exhibition catalogue 17th Weltweiter Wettbewerb, Germany.
2012            Lys over Lolland, exhibition catalogue, Reventlow-Museet Pederstrup, Denmark
2011            Skud på Stammen, møbelmesse Bella Centret, exhibition catalogue, Copenhagen Technical School, Denmark
2011            All that glitters,…, exhibition catalogue, Contemporary works from  the Copenhagen Goldsmiths’ Guild, Mons, Belgium
2010            Skud på stammen, fra Norden til Norden, exhibition catalogue, Copenhagen Technical School, Denmark
2008            The Compendium Finale of Contemporary Jewellers, Darling Publications
2008            Morgendagens antikviteter, article i Antik & Auktion, 5/2008, Denmark
2008            Design, Bruun Rasmussen, Auction 785 /March 2008, Denmark
2007            Biennalen for Kunsthåndværk & Design, exhibition catalogue, Trapholt/Koldinghus, Denmark
2006            Arkitektur i Dybden, article i Tribune, No 06, Denmark
2006            Dansk smykkekunst – kommunikerende poesi, Kunstuff (Dansih Craft & Design) no.11/06, Denmark
2005            ORganique, Méditerranée  Mode  Beauté no.1/05, France
2005            A Fairytale Playground, article i Design Matters No 10, Special edition, Denmark
2004-05        L´or bijoux d´Europe, Château-Musée Grimaldi, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France
2004            Feminine Design, Atlantica. no. May-June, Icelandair
2004            Nordiske Kvinder er COOL, ALT for Damerne no.25/04, Denmark
2004            Maker, wearer, viewer, exhibition catalogue, Contemporary Narrative European Jewellery, Scotland
2004            Ringe i dialog, exhibition catalogue, Kjøbenhavns Guldsmedelaugs Anniversary, The National Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
2004            Nordic Cool: Hot women designers, exhibition catalogue, National Museum of Women of Arts, Washington DC, USA
2003            SOFA Chicago, Celebrating 10 years, exhibition catalogue, Chicago, USA
2003            Former Fremtiden, Dansk Metal Kongres , Aalborg, Denmark
2003            Make Loft Not War, Architektur & Wohnen, no.5/03, Germany
2002            Schmuck, International Jewellery, exhibition catalogue, München, Germany
2002            Die Internationale Schmuckschau, article in Kunsthandwerk & Design, January IHM München, Talente, Schmuck, Germany
2001            Dansk smykkekunst 1960-2000, Lise Funder, Nyt Nordisk Forlag, Denmark
2001            Nyt liv i Galleri Metal, Danish Crafts no.4/01, Denmark
2001            International Craft Exhibition – Itami – Jewellery, exhibition catalogue, The Museum of Arts Crafts Itami, Japan
1997            Kunsthåndværk-Design, Biennalen, exhibition catalogue, Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum, Denmark


2010            BKF, Artist’s Association.
2008            Danish Silversmiths.
2006            Danish Sculptors Society.
1993            Danish Crafts Association.